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in their new

fresh colored


Tabea left

Juliana middle

Jul right


Thank you very much Christine for writing this
wonderful story in rhyme about Hinnerk.

Hinnerk is limited to 7 and is made of the same
sculpt as are his three sisters from the 2017 collection:
Nika, Josefa and Rickstine.

Alessia (2015)


Who wouldn't enjoy these beautiful flowers with their lovely springcolours!

Maria-Petronella is watering them with her purple watercan

And just takes her time to enjoy this joyful site, while holding some flowers in her bucket, selected to make

a fresh springbouquet

Right Florence: "But sis,

why is it that the trees can drop their leaves on the ground

and nobody tells them to clean up , like we have to do our rooms?!"

Izabella: "Well the wind just blowes the the leaves away,

and you know something funny...."

In about 4 months there will grow many brand new leaves on the trees,

that is spring, and we don't need our warm hats anymore!


Florence: "Hmmm that's nice but could the wind also clean up my room!?


How delightful sweet Izabella looks

in this super short apple story in rhyme

Christine made herself:


Picking apples?

Izabella's much too lazy

"climbing up that tree is crazy!"

So she waits until she's able....


to steal

the "prize" apple

from the table.


A great way to celebrate the fun of a tub! I think the nursery rhyme is expressing a sort of weird fun as the Zwergnase dolls Veronie (left)and Jojanne are having a more cute way of fun with Hilja and Elja in their felt tub!

Thanks Christine for letting us enjoy these inspiring pictures and new Zwergnase adepted text!


What a fun little scene you have let us enjoy Christine!

It shows how much fun it is to "play" with Zwergnase personalities.

Above this you have redressed the dolls in such a pleasant and friendly way.

Also the picture where you are seen in action, it is as though the dolls are real children and are realy listening to you...

Thanks Christine!!