Cute Coline
Click on the picture below to see more pictures of her

Beautiful Balbina
Click on the picture below to see more pictures of her

Marvelous Merlot
Click on the picture below to see more pictures of her

This is Luzille
Click on the picture below to see more pictures of her

This is Aislin. Limited to 17. Already sold out, but fun to watch.
Click on the picture to see many more.

Thanks Birgit for your contribution to the collector's pictures
Click on the picture to see more

Thanks Gonnie for your nice quintet: five dolls from one sculpt.
Click on the picture to see and read more

Here are many real life pictures of the first new 2023 artline dolls. Click on the picture to see many more.

Lissbet Letifee


Click on the picture to see more pictures
Click on the photo to see more pictures of each doll
Click on the photo to see more pictures of each doll

Here are many real life pictures of all the new 2022 artline dolls. Click
on the picture to see many more.

Freialine Katla


Frigga Grethe
SURI is the new retro doll (sculpt 2012) from 2022 wearing a lovely Easter outfit.

Artline 2022 is out! Ask for the prices.

Click on the picture underneath to see them all

Lovely pair your Veroniek and Irmelind. Thanks Els!
Lillian (lim 17) and Charlotte (lim 12) are two new artist dolls
introduced on Zwergnase's open day

Thank you Jet for this great picture.
You make Kicky look like a real artist !


Carol sold out! Click on the picture to see more


Thank you Marike for this lovely scene with your junior dolls Tabea Lica and Niska.

Enya is one of the first doll off the new 2021 retro-collection.
In this collection Nicole has chosen some sculpts of earlier years.
There will be more.
Enya allready SOLD OUT!


Here are many real life pictures of all the new 2021 artline dolls. Click
on the picture to see many more.

Catriona Alizée
Hildelitte Capucine
Petrine Alphonsine


Three new collector's pictures contributions.
Click on each pictures to see more


Thanks Brenda for your lovely bunch of readheads! Click on the picture to see more

Jessica has made some wonderfull clothing combinations on four older Zwergnase dolls.
Click on the picture to see more of them!

Click on the small picture to see many more enlarged ones
Frederike Effi Irmelind
Margarethe Oriole 1 Oriole 3

Click on the picture below to see the new 2020 dolls

Sale has ended
Click on the picture below to see many more pictures

I'm touched Christine!
Thank you for this sweet summerpicture and kind words.

Thank you Petra for the many lovely pictures
from your Zwergnase collection!
Click on any of these 4 pictures below to see them all!

Sale has ended

Click on the picture below to see many more pictures of Adelina
60 cm lim 75 from the 2019 collection

Thank you very much Marianne for
many new great Zwergnase dolls pictures,
they are, as always, of great quality.

Click on one of the pictures below to see them all.


Here is my special junior doll


'Marja Hermanna'


to only 20

as I sell Zwergnase now for 20 years!

199 euro

Only available at

click on the picture for more details.



The new 2019 Zwergnase art doll collection is out!

View them on


the sale is closed!

click on the picture to see all the pictures

Made by Dagmar in Schalkau May 2018

New Collector's pictures from Brenda left, Tiny middle
and Margot right .... click on the pictures to see them all


Sale is closed

Thanks girls!... Collector's pictures from Danielle left, Christine middle and Marianne right .... click on the pictures to see them all

Easter 2018..... 1 sculpt 2 dolls..... scroll down
Left Dorothee light vinyl.... right Heikedine
Also 1 sculpt 2 dolls: left Celine.... right Veroniek light vinyl

Click on the picture to see all new juniors 2018

Sale has ended

Christine has photographed and written in rhyme
a wonderful story about Hinnerk (lim 7)

Click on the picture to see the whole story

Sale has ended

Easter 2017... One sculpt three dolls Josefa Nika and Rickstine

Click on the small picture to see many more enlarged ones
Harper Vittoria Summer
Rickstine Aymeline 1


Click on the picture below to see the 2017 collection
Click on the picture to see more dolls and details
Click on the picture to see many more

Click on one of the pictures to see many more

Sale has closed


Easter 2016


Such delightfull pastel pictures!




Click on the picture on the right to see more

Three times Philida, she is so much fun!




and Philida




On friday the 13th of November my daughter


received her Master of Laws at the University of Groningen.

Well done Lotte!

Two of the new ones!

My favorite sculpt of the new

Zwergnase 2016 collection

Philida left

Marija right


click here to see more

Sale has ended

Many thanks to a new member in the collectors pictures department

* Cécile *


Click on this lovely picture of Lamberta (from 1997 and still available to order!) to see more

In stock and freshly made in june 2015 by Zwergnase ...... 5 times Els.
Els was first issued in 1999 lim to 250, she is 35 cm.

Thanks to Dagmar I can show you many splendid pictures of the Zwergnase summercollection
Click on the picture to see them all


Sale is closed







will start



May 2.






great new collector pictures made by


Tallulah isn't she a stunner

click on the link collector pictures on the left to she them all.

thank you Ruth!

I made many pictures in Schalkau of the new 2015 Zwergnase collection.

Here Nicole showing Manon.

Click on the picture to see more! Now with extra pictures from Dagmar

Click on the picture to see the 2015 Collection!




Click on the picture above to see more of the 20 years Zwergnase open day in Schalkau

Here is the jubilee doll


Size 90 cm

Limitation 7



20 years Zwergnase Collection! This is Olive-Trinette! Click on her picture to see all dolls.

And awaiting

the new Zwergnase spring/summer collection 2014

which will be focused on

the 20th

anniversary of Zwergnase!

Marianne made a great photo report of the "Kingsday" we had in The Netherlands on April the 27th.

With kind support of Wilem as King Alexander, and Therese in the role of Queen Maxima. Great casting Marianne!


Klick on the picture to see more


has made a delightful springtime picture with Maria-Petronella

admiring these lovely springtime coloured flowers after watering them.

She also has put flowers in her bucket (from which the fishes were released!) to make a nice bouquet.


Click on the picture to see other collectorpictures of Christine

My BIG thanks to two very talented Zwergnase collector picture ladies, who have again made some colour subtle and fun Zwergnase scenes:

Left great Photo's by Christine who knitted a lovely cardigan for Izabella (2012) herself, and so creating that lovely misty/mauve autumnal/reddish feel also supported by Florence (2013)

on the right pictured bij Marianne with you recognize her?!.........yes it is indeed Sienna from 2013 together with Cosmo restyled sublimely into baseball friends

click on the pictures to see more.

November the 5 th 2013 my daughter Lotte-Louise, received her Bachelor of Laws at the university of Groningen

Congratulations Lotte!!


  1. The new Zwergnase 2014 collection link here! Oops I love so many....

Click on one of the

pictures to see more

of my studiovisit

in Schalkau with

the new 2014


The colourfully






Here I am,


70 cm

and limited to just 30!


Click on me to see many many more pictures ;-)


Here she is..... my special issue..... for more details click on the picture

Malu's twins drum to call.....


In The Netherlands Queen Beatrix has stepped down in favour of her son Willem Alexander and his wife Maxima. They are the new King and Queen. A very nice royal couple indeed!


Marianne and Tineke used Zwergnase Wilem from 1997 to act as Willem Alexander, and Therese as Maxima.The resemblance of both dolls is remarkable!

What a great story with super Zwergnase quality you both made Marianne and Tineke!!!Thank you so much!!

Klick on the picture to see the whole Royale Picture Storey

My my my MALU!!

My absolute favorite ( and new face)

in this marvelous fresh

Zwergnase 2013

Spring-Summer collection



scroll down to see them all,

click on the overview picture to see

more pictures and some prices.


A very serious wish from this Milla twin Wotan and bear George

for all Zwergnase lovers......

Happy Easter everyone!

Marianne what a great Zwergnase winter styling! THANKS!

Above Elly-May looking fantastic in her new winter dress and accompanied by her wonderful "snowdog"

Here little Evi dressed in her new sky-outfit with her great blue sky's....oh oh just a bit to enthousiastic.... but luckely the snow is soft...

Klick on the picture to see more in Marianne's collector pictures part.

Christine you made such a sweet little winter story about Tilse from from 2004. Thanks for letting us enjoy this charming Tilse smile near by the snow.

To welcome 2013

a picture with

Rixa twins

having fun

with their

bear puppets


Wish you all a good 2013

with lots of Zwergnase fun!!

I wanted to say goodbye to 2012 with my favourite doll of this year MARIKA and her bear Anselma. I think they are just a superb pair!

Under the link Zwergnase 2013

you can see several great pictures

of the 2013 Zwergnase collection

made by a great fellow Zwergnase collector



The bear with marionet

in this picture on the right of Rixa

is an one of a kind and allready sold.

What a delightfull " tub inspriration" you had Christine! Thanks!! Under the collectorspictures-Christine-link you can soon see two more pictures of this cute Zwergnase quartet!

Tiffany just took of the last A from Alberta.... What a charming chap he is now......Albert!! See the before and after picture


at the collector pictures link under Tiffany. Thank you Tiffany for creating this new and fresh Zwergnase boy!


Dear Zwergnase lovers.

On Tuesday 16 th October I came back from a visit to Schalkau in Germany.

There my daughter and I saw the delightfull new Zwergnase 2013 collection and their designer Nicole Marschollek-Menzner.

It was a very inspiring visit!

I made more then 500 pictures.

Click on Zwergnase 2013 on the left to see them.


Zwergnase 2013!

Click on the little image on the right to see

a charming little picture story

with shy Olive in the leading part...


and directed by Christine!

What a great storyteller you are Marianne!! Thank you so much for letting us enjoy these great Zwergnase girls picture series. Mialotta and Allegra look so real with the doll sized little apples, and the sizefitting skateboard with Allegra. Now it is explaned why she has that halfsized fronttooth!!!! Click on one of the pictures to see the other pictures in the series.

Thanks again Marianne for this Zwergnase picture-delight!

Here a very good impression from Nicole creating a sculpt in clay,

a Zwergnase employer dressing a doll, putting on a wigg on and putting in the eyelashes.

Next to that you get a tour through a part of the Zwergnase studio, enjoy!


There were a few hot days in Holland,

so Carlotta had a cool approach

click on her picture to see...


Thank you very much Marianne

for these fresh pictures!

Click on the picture to see more of the open day.




lim 25!


70 cm

sold out




lim 25!

70 cm

sold out


Happy Easter everyone!
  1. Click on the small picture to see more pictures of the doll!

Now to be seen:

Many pictures of each new 2012 doll.

Blanca, Géraldine and Lizzie will follow soon.

With this cute

Gretchen Trio

I like to wish all

a joyful and healthy 2012!


Click on the small pictures on the right to see the new collectors pictures!

Thank you Marianne and Marjolein!


Thank you Nicole!

What an impressive

2012 Zwergnase collection rgnase collection

you have created with a theme called home!!

Here Nicole holds Donna Curiosa 3, one of her favourites.



the first picture of the first doll of

the new 2012 Zwergnase collection........

Isn't Nicole always full of surprises!

this girl is looking wonderful with her

beautiful coat over a red chequered dress!

And that little milkchurn she is holding.....

irrisistable is this 70 cm girl for me!!


I have made many pictures on the open day on

the 21th of Oktober and will put these pictures under the link

Schalkau 2012

Two new gorgeous

limited to 7 sets

introduced at the open day

Left: Tant Levé sold out

Right: Flugstunde sold out


More under the limited to 7 link.


Thank you Marjolein Vos,

for your lovely pictures of Miggi and toddler Tessa,

that you restyled in a very special way!

She looks so cute with only this oversized t shirt

More of sweet restyled Tessa under the collector pictures link on the left



Thank you Marianne H,

for these lovely "typically Dutch" pictures, as you called them.

More pictures of Marianne and other collectorsfriends (thank you all!) in the coll. pictures link on the left.

The windmill in the picture on the left, you can find in Nuenen, this exact mill was pictured by the famous Dutch painter Van Gogh in 1885 see below.


I am Elin and very much enjoying

the wonderful weather in Holland!

many more pictures

of me and my sisters

Sanna and Celia

you will find here

Invitation from this new airodynamic Zwergnase bear called Überflieger, (isn't he just scrumptious!!) to look at him and

the 3 new little elves available in June shown underneath. More details soon under the link Zwergnase 2011 on the left.




3 bright new

Zwergnase spring girls!!!


Left Celia 45 cm lim 50

Middle Sanna 45 cm lim 50

Right Elin 45 cm lim 50


more pictures under the Zwergnase 2011 link on the left

New and fresh!!

two special limited to seven designs

by Nicole Marschollek-Menzner







30 cm/12 inch

limited to 7

Price on request.






50 cm/20 inch

limited to 7

Price on request

All the new 2011 Zwergnase dolls and some catty bears in one shot!

All are now individually pictured in 20 to 30 different photo's each,

click on the Zwergnase 2011 link on the left, and have fun!



left and


The same sculpt

but still so different

in appearance

what inspirational girls!!




Nicole putting the shoes of Mialotta right, and the hand of sweet Stine-Marie

Hello I am Stine-Marie

I am from the new

2011 Zwergnase collection.

I am 60 cm 24 inch

My Limitation is 75

Thursday October the 28 th there will be more real-life pictures

of all the other

2011 Zwergnase brother and sisters,

plus the bears.

So till soon!!

I can proudly present

a picture of

my daughter Lotte-Louise

with her own Zwergnase doll



My Lotte has just graduated from her gymnasium-high school.

She is now going to study Law.

I am sure the encouraging smile of her Lotte-Louise doll will stimulate her during her studies!



and so cute.......

Here the first pictures of the two elves.

I have made many more that will appear tomorrow under the Zwergnase 2010 link

New two Elves Frageria Vesca

sold out

Gagea l'tea.

More information under the link on the left:

"13 May Open day"

Dagmar thank you very muchfor the great pictures

Springdoll 2010


sitting cosy

on the lap of her

artistic creator





is named after my daughter!

She was only sold with me

and Zwergnase.


Limitation just 45

Size 70 cm 28 inch

Eyes brown and freckles

Only human hair


is a sitting doll

more real life pictures

under the special

Lotte-Louise Link

on the left.


New pictures of Annefiet, Olive, Adoree, Irene-Helene, Gracia, Mylene, Lija, Mara, Engeltje, Gaston, Gisele, Jaques and Lucrezia under the 2010 link on the left


Left Lucrezia and Olive

Are they not cute together!

(both sold)



Gaston and Mylene


30 real life pictures



Look under the 2010 tab

on the left.


Beautiful real life pictures from the Nürnberg fair 2010


Thank you so much Dagmar!


Click on the Nürnberg 2010 tab

on the left to enjoy them all



Hello, I am new

you can see me and all

my new

2010 Zwergnase

sisters and brother!!


Click on the link 2010 on the left in the menu

and enjoy !



We are four Zwergnase Varietè girls....

Larsine Lana Litten and


Look at our new pictures on the Varietè tab on the left

and see what nice tricks Nicole had on her sleeve.....

There are also real life pictures of our two big sisters

Lexa and Lavinia.

Hello I am Lavinia

If you want to see more pictures of me and my poodle

plus my new varieté sisters

and some fun bears........


Klick on the tab varieté on the left

Nicole holding little felt doll Britt-Gitte at the Neurenberg fair 2009.

picture from Puppen und Spielzeug Magazin


Coming in September
inspired on a special theme
several new dolls and bears!

Inez and Annekoos

More reaf-life pictures of them and all the other 2009 dolls, you can see, just....

Click on the 2009 tab on the left

Nicole, here on a picture holding one of her limited to 7 bearsets,

Hänsel und Gretel.



New! Some very nice pictures

made byWilma

to be seen under the tab 2008

Thank you Wilma!

Hello I am Mimi-Luis

More real-life pictures of me

my sister Ann-Theres and the

christmas bear Elwin

under the tag

Christmas dolls 2008

on the left.


Hänsel und Gretel

Bear set

40 cm / 16 inch

From the Limitation of just 7 Series

from Nicole herself

Zwergnase christmas dolls 2008

with two new Zwergnase faces


Left Mimi-Luis

40 cm lim 99


Right Ann-Theres

55 cm lim 99

AND below.....


Elwin on his felt star

25 cm lim 33

248 Euro



Elfi with her christmascookie

25 cm lim 33

218 Euro



lim 30!

55 cm

550 Euro

Many more real life pictures under the springdolls tab


These Friedalinde twins

like to be photographed....

Now many new

real life pictures

under the tab of

Zwergnase 2008

on the left.




Märthe-Luis middle 65 cm/26 inch 648 Euro

Anneklara right55cm/22inch 548 Euro

Lille-Marlies left 55cm 548 Euro

More pictures of us under the 2008 tab


in May we get

3 new



Limitation 30!!!

Evalotta and Gemma

at the 2008 Nürnberg Fair

Thank you DAGMAR!

More wonderful pictures under Nürnberg tab 2008 on the left


One Of The New Zwergnase Faces of 2008



Hi we are the

Nadeschda sisters!

More real-life pictures

of us and Zwisbl bear

under the 2007 tab on the left.


Nicole with her latest sculpt Nadeschda, on 07-07

More pictures of my recent visit to the Zwergnase studio in Schalkau Germany under special tab left.

Right NADESCHDA 40cm/16 inch

Limitation 75

385 Euro

Under ZWISBL 23 cm/9,2 inch

Limitation 50

295 Euro












Spring 2007 doll


lim 50

55 cm/22 inch



little Icebear

from the German Zoo

lim 25

35 cm/14 inch

149 Euro



Oskar left

lim 33

17 cm / 6,8 inch

195 Euro

Krokus right

lim 33

35 cm / 14 inch

275 Euro

See The New 2007 Zwergnase Collection in real life pictures:

Klick on the 2007 tab under Zwergnase and enjoy...they are just fabulous



Real life pictures from IDEX USA.

Déte in the centre, even better looking then in the catalogue....

Nelchen left Wolke right,

Background Aida right next to Coletta

More Idex pictures under Tab left Zwergnase 2007

Victoria and



real live pictures

under Zwergnase 2006





with red boots


Zwergnase 2006

Limitation only 35!

Price € 575,-



for the new christmas bears scroll down..

Noel 19 cm

€ 175,-


Klaus 27 cm

€ 235,-

Paul 35 cm

Limitation only 7

made by Nicole Marschollek


Sold out

"Die Zwergnasen" the new playdolls

for 2006/2007


with her bike and bear.

Look for more

real life pictures

under 2006


Three lovely Inke'sInke's

€ 475

lim 75

55 cm

Two new felt dolls

Design Nicole Marschollek


Erna-Sophie €525,- lim 20, 30 cm


Annabella €595


in rockingchair!

Zwergnase Sommerdoll 2006

Lim 50

65 cm / 26 inch

625 Euro

for more pictures click on the 2006 tab on the left.

Here is Hanneke

with bear and bike!

Limitation only 50

release mid-may

size 55 cm

price 675 Euro

"Hello!, we are the Micheline twins of the new Zwergnase 2006 collection.

We like to introduce the other Zwergnase family members of this year in real life pictures, click on the Zwergnase 2006 tab and......enjoy!"

Nicole Marschollek

busy with designing

the clothing of Yfke, the2006


Toyfair doll

Click for more pictures on the tab left: Neurenberg 2006

Idex 2006

The Zwergnase babies NEW for 2006 475 Euro Each

The new collection

Zwergnase 2006


For more information just mail

The Filippa twins and Fam with their bears
from 2005
for more picture see

under Zwergnase 2006 tab





with many freckles!

from 2002

38 cm

375 Euro



For more pictures see Zwergnase 1997


Also new with special golden dress

See for more pictures Zwergnase 1997


from 1996!

Twin sister of Loco

See for more pictures Zwergnase 1996


Available in a sitting and standing variation.

With very long braids!

See for more pictures Zwergnase 1997


Also available again,

this lovely boy with Line's face

from 1997.


Ski Alpin Set

Lim only 7!

A big snowman on ski's

and two bears on a sledge

35 cm

990 Euro


Katinka with her cuddly sheep

The new Christmas doll




€ 585,-.


Blomm (left)


both 24 cm

lim 33

€ 248,-

  1. New "Die Zwergnasen"

New playdolls from Zwergnase

€ 89,- each.

These are the 6 big dolls of 54 cm

3 more dolls to come of 35 cm.

From left to right:

Marga Riene

Charlotta Ricotta

Tina Törtchen

Kati Krümel

Cream Hilde (floor)

Maggy Maffy






Very Limited

Only 19!

750 Euro

Sold out!

Irmi right

Lim 50

Zwergnase dolls 2005!!

Loretta left Sold out!

Lim 35!

Left Loretta 80 cm

Sold out

(like Inger)

795 Euro


Right Irmi

Sold out

50 cm

548 Euro

A view from the Zwergnase stand Toy fair 2005 Nürnberg
Click here for more pictures

Filippa from the Zwergnase 2005 collection!

Available again

Holly (left) Emma(right)

from 1997.

50cm. Lim.250


The 2004 Christmas collection.

Below: design Nicole M.Menzner: Noëlle 40 cm 388 Euro and Ole 35 cm 350 Euro.

Above Design Sylvia Natterer: Serafin,23 cm, Nora and Cyril 35 cm.

Available again

Hannah (left) and Antonie (1997)





Left: Anne Johanne III

498 Euro


Right: Gretli III

398 Euro

Both limited to 50!





Left: Anne Johanne III
50 cm


Right: Gretli III
35 cm


Extra this year:10 jubilee dolls
with a limitation of only 50



For pictures of

the Jubilee Dolls see Zwergnase 2004


Line mit Ente II



Extra Junior dolls made

by:Sylvia Natterer


Claire (118 Euro) and Aurora (118 Euro).

Two of the 2004 Zwergnase Juniordolls by Sylvia Natterer.

To see all the junior dolls click on the picture


Zwergnase Junior dolls
each doll is 50 cm and costs only 179 Euro!






Very Special:


Limitation: only 16 !

75 cm

798 Euro



Available now!

Franca und Therese
are sitting dolls. They are a Limited Edition of 250 pieces and were created because of the high demand of Evianne and Linnea.





'Hey Stella. Let me tell you a secret!'


Evianne + Stella


Each 65 cm




Available again