Open day Schalkau May 2015

Scroll down to see all the pictures... thank you Dagmar!


Above: Marie-Camille one of a kind, Alba 90 cm lim 45, Labskous 45 cm lim 7, Karpfen blau 60 cm lim 7
Above: Maxima 90 cm lim 45, Alix 75 cm lim 75, Crepes Suzette 60/52 cm lim 7, Senta and Evita both 45 cm lim 75.
Above: Three one of a kinds bears, Felt doll one of a kind, Gertrüda 75 cm one of a kind bear, Diedrike 85 cm one of a kind bear, Marie Ëlaine 80 cm one of a kind felt doll

Left Senta


right Evita

This is sweet Senta from the same sculpt as Jolien,Fien and Lillimarie from the regular 2015 collection.

Underneath is Evita a brand new sculpt in this summercollection.

Above: Alba , a new face in a lovely summer seaside outfit
With Labskaus Nicole introduces another new sculpt in this summercollection 2015.  
Two one of a kind felt dolls. What a cute outfit these two ladies have!