20 years ago

I started selling Zwergnase dolls and bears

to celebrate this anniversary

I have asked Nicole to create a special junior doll....

Marja Hermanna!

After a special doll called Lotte-Louise named after my daughter

and another special doll called Maria-Petronella named after my mother

I thought it would be fun to have this nice sculted junior girl named after myself!

I think she turned out great with her red striped shirt her dress with sailor collar made of Liberty fabric with flowers

Her big cap and bag as well as her trousers are made of an antique sort of blue color

Her red hair and red shoes make the picture complete

Marja Hermanna

limit 20

50 cm

wig artificial hair

freckels on the face and arms

comes with personal certificate

price 199 euro

These last three lovely pictures are made by Christine....


The red geranium looks just superb in combination with little Marja Hermanna

and here we see Christine wearing....

well that's a nice surprise!....

a top made of the same Liberty fabric as the dress of Marja Hermanna!!


Christine you and MH make a lovely couple!!