90 cm

lim 25



She has a lovely sculpt

almost too beautiful for a Zwergnase character

She would do nice

next to Signe

But when you take pictures of Alizée

you notice

she does have

a soft intelligent

Zwergnase personality

Maybe she is just shy

and wondering

about the things

happening in the world today?

Her hair has a soft orange glow

She wears two handknitted red flowers

in her hair

Here you can see

her from the back.

Her dress has buttons there

Here Alizée looks

to the other side


I think it is getting lighter"

When she looks down a bit

she seems to wonder of

with her thoughts....

shall I go for a walk?

And when she has decided

she takes

her long dress up

she seems to be ready

to take a nice strole

maybe even into

the woods

With her boots she is ready for it!

In her bag she has taken something nice

to eat

when she gets hungry.....

Here we go!!

She made it herself....

a nice bag

with two ears it seems...

a Zwergnase joke

made of a warm red woolen fabric

with a dark blue pompom