Letifee has

her sister-sculpt

in Lissbet.





60 cm

Lim 35

795 euro

Letifee is made of

the normal

NM original vinyl color.

Special, I think,

are her small mouth

and big eyes.

Her lovely red hair is

is of human nature..

She looks great

with her hand

crochet hat.


But Letifee also

looks lovely without her hat

as you can see when


further down.

Letifee to me

looks like a toddler.

One who loves to

hold on to

her toy friend.

This hare toy is

a typical



The toy hare has

very small eyes

and his ears

are bendable


Just love

the hare it's whiskers

dangling down

Very special is

also the fabric

with many

aquareled flowers

on Letifee's dress.

It is lovely colorful

and a trend

in design

at the moment.

With Letifee

you have a

lovely Zwergnase character.

You can display her

holding her toy

in many different ways.

As you can

see on the many

different pictures.

These different positions

are possible because

of the way the arms and hands

are moulded.

Here you can see

Letifee without

her grey hat.


she has such

a great bunch of red hair

I love her showing this too.

Have fun

with these

real life pictures

of Letifee.

I had much fun

making pictures

of her!

Might you have

any further questions

about Letifee


Just ask writing to