Lissbet has

her sistersculpt

in Letifee





60 cm

lim 35

695 euro


The vinyl color of Lissbet

is the lightest possible

being called


This light vinyl color

combines great with

the large green eyes.

Plus the Freckles

and the braun hair

make Lissbet to

a very delicate sweet

Zwergnase girl

Lissbet's dress is made of a

fabric with subtle green

decorations on a white base.

Her dress is lined with soft

green fabric so well combined

with the green eyes and the

porclain vinyl color.

To be honest,

when I saw Lissbet in reality,

I thought she could very well

be made of

real porclain!

Maybe it would have been

to much a cliche

when Nicole

would have given Lissbet

the obvious red hair combi.

The braun hair

gives Lissbet

extra personality I think.

The artificial hair

is very much

like real hair.

The dress comes

with a fixed hat as part

of the wide collar.

Much to my

pleasant surprise

this hat construction

was large enough

to be pulled over her head.

And this hat over her head

made Lissbet look

like a very sweet sort of

mid century child.

The soft pink dots

on the dress as part of

the flower decoration

comes back in the pink ribbon

around the flowers in her hair.


When you look at

Lissbet her profile

you can easely

spot her sweet little


All in all

you can discribe

Lissbet as sweet

and innocent,

but with

lots of personality.


Letifee her sculpt sister

is a bit more

loaded with the naughty

Zwergnase character.

One sculpt but Nicole made

two very different

Zwergnase girls using all

different possibilities.


Color of the vinyl

the hair and

the eyes

And last but not least

the design of the clothings.


It shows even after more

than 25 years

how well

Nicole Marschollek

is still

mastering dollmaking!


I hope Nicole

can keep on doing this

on such high level.

Especially in these strange

recent times!!

If you have any questions

about Lissbet,

just write to

and ask!

Have fun with these

real life pictures,

often they give

a better impression

than the few

catalogue pictures available.