Beautiful Balbina



62 cm

lim 35

vinyl color NM original





Balbina comes

with a dark blue hat




Balbina has

artificial hair which looks

amazingly similar

to real hair

Without hat Balbina

looks even more like

a real child.

This Balbina has some

larger freckles.

I think they suit Balbina

very well.


Balbina also wears

a hand knitted flower in her hair

which is also to be seen

when she wears her hat.


But without hat

this red flower is also very decorative

against her blond hair

Her hair is cut

in a straight line

The fabric of her dress

is from Liberty

Her mouth is painted in such a way

it makes her look very realistic

Blond hair and blue eyes

are a classic combination


Balbina's profile shows

a slightly withdrawn chin.

Balbina's looks

are very natural

from both sides

With her hat she looks

a bit more posh


Pictured from above she looks very sulky cute


Here some

green buttons are shown

There are

six green buttons

in total


In this picture Balbina holds her hands

together on her back

The dress has a special

shawl collar with long sleeves

going on to the back

where they are bound together

in a bow



In this picture Balbina

looks so realistic and cute

you might think

she can walk away

just like any moment



Here she seems to think

"What did you say?"

Her hands are made

in such a way so

she can hold them together

She also looks very natural

while holding her hat

Balbina seems to be

rather proud of her hat

Holding her hands a the front

make Balbina seem to be

a bit more shy

All together

I think Balbina is a

great addition to

the Zwergnase family

She is an addition

in which all great

Zwergnase qualities

come together

Her realistic

and intelligent face

This face in combination with

the styling and clothing

With Balbina

some parts of the styling

are the green buttons

and big boots

Enjoy the pictures

of this great doll: Balbina

from the new Zwergnase

autumn-winter collection 2023

This new

Zwergnase collection

is called volume 1,

there probably will be

two more to come

If you want to buy Balbina and/or have any questions about this doll, just write to
and ask!