Cute Coline



45 cm

lim 35






vinyl color






Coline wears

a lovely red mohair wig

This combination

of the red hair and

the porcelain vinyl color

has a vibrant effect.

The curls in her hair

and the texture

of her grey cardigan

make a nice combination.


This picture shows

the lovely natural effect

of the light vinyl


A little waterfall of pink

buttons has such a great

decorative effect

This picture shows

Coline with a more round

and childlike face.

In this position Coline gives a

more thin impression.

Her mouth is painted in a subtle realistic way

Coline's grey eyes

are nice reflected

in her grey cardigan


Coline's more

childlike profile

Coline has some

bigger freckles.

Her facial painting

is very light and subtle.



Here Coline shows her

independent and intelligent


a posture many

Zwergnase art dolls have.



The light pink color flows downwards from the face via the buttons to her wide pink skirt

Her gardigan is deliberatly

closed crookedly with a fun

effect on the up side

as well as at the taille zone.


In this picture Coline holds her hands
together on her back

Her mohair hair color

is a nice warm red/orange



In this picture Coline

shows her nice sculpted hands



Her eyebrows are painted

in the red haircolor

and in such a way it seems

to confirm Coline's intelligent

and somewhat distant look at

the world around her.

Underneath her double pink

skirts Coline wears a sort of

long trousers.

You can see the dark red and

pink flowers shining through.

The two big dark red to purple

flowers in her hair

correspond well with the dark

red in the fabric of her trousers

From the decorative buttons down, two subtle pink ribbons flow down over the chiffon skirts

Holding her hands a her back

make Coline seem to have

an independant character.

All together

I think Coline is another

great addition to

the Zwergnase art doll family

She is an addition

into which all great

Zwergnase qualities

come together

Her two skirts

can be put up higher

so you can see her trousers


Coline looks like a playful

toddler who loves ballet

but still must learn to walk

firmly with both her feet

on the ground.

Therefore her big black leather

shoes seem to do the job.

Coline is satisfied with her ballet skirts, but within a short time I see her dance away on her ballet shoes ...

Enjoy the pictures

of this great doll: Coline

from the new Zwergnase

autumn-winter collection


This new

Zwergnase collection

is called volume 1,

there probably will be

two more to come

If you want to buy Coline and/or have any questions about this doll, just write to
and ask!

Coline with the curtain in her hand seems to say:

"Thanks for looking!"