Marvelous Merlot



78 cm

lim 35

vinyl color NM original





Merlot has

a lovely smile




Her smile is extra cute because of her slightly protruding underlip

Also great are her light green eyes.

Merlot wears a lovely hat

But without hat

she looks great too.


Her hair is of great

artificial quality

The colour of her hair
is a lovely red
great in combination with her green eyes

This Merlot has some bigger freckles

The flowers in her hair make her hat look more playful

Her smile looks so natural and shows a little bit of gum

The colour scheme of the purple hat, dress and flowerswith some touches of green make a nice total picture

The touches of green are also there in her green boots that you can see when you scroll further down.

If you have any questions about Merlot, just write to
and ask!