Collector's pictures

Pictures by Rosa


Gretli 1

Totally sold out

Rare to find


second hand.


Rosa thanks for showing us!

Gretli with her big eyes

and turned up nose.

So cute


her knitted cap

She is one of my favourites

Dete from 2007

with a cap.

Also sold out

is Madita,

from 1998.

What a

strong personality

looking straight into

the camera.

Two cute

65 cm

Zwergnase girls

with their fairy figures


the walnuts

A nice trio

all pastel lightly dressed;

Linea 2003,

Lavinia 2009

and Anne-Klara 2008

65 cm

75 cm and

55 cm,

and Lavinia's poodle!

Thank you Rosa

for showing the

wonderful funny

Kai Pirinjha

From the special

limited to just 7 serie

from Nicole herself

and sold out.

What a

funny weird "seabear"

with the


blue-white dress

with all

the buttons

in the front


the seal

is so cute too

he can

turn his head.

His tail


so real


from felt

See his little

felt ears!


what sort of game

shall we play


Two little braids

And a pink flower

make her very

mermaid feminin!