Collector's pictures

Pictures by Tiffany


What a lovely boy:

Pierre Nicolas from 2006 ,

Tyffany had him made with freckles!

I think he saw something funny in his book...

The question is, does Filippa allready know, or did Pierre not tell her yet....

Filippa wears very nice shoes!

Oh dear, was did what Pierre had in mind...

But it seems Zara from 2005

is not frightened of spiders at all!!

Maybe she wants to be a biologist later,

and is she taking notes

with her cute little pencil and notebook!


I like Zara's cap and red laces in her shoes.


Thank you Tiffany

for these enchanting pictures!

It looks like Annelore has just brushed her wonderfull curly red hair,

and she is proud of her nice necklace, like Alberta, who is showing hers too.


Four Zwergnase playdollsgirls

Leen holding her glasses,

Ginger with straw hat,

Olger in black trousers

Helma holding a basket

Anne-Johanne 3 with Olger's trousers

Nelchen and Dete

Alegra in walking outfit, with Magali's sweater

Evalotta with flute, Trintje and Annemaaike with


Lisabeth from 2000 with straw hat

and Chiara from 1996 in the front.

Linea from 2003 wears a lovely head scarf.

She clearly is enjoying herself while singing from her own little booklet with music.

Eugenie (2006) is enjoying her cup of thee

while Magali (1999) just snoosed of while reading her book.

Majanne (2002, nice necklace and handbag) and Annemaaike (2007)

are smiling while looking at something they like

but Nadeschda (2007) seems to wonder what is going on.......