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Tiny's Pictures


Naomi in a very colourfull dress
What a great smile she has
Accompanied by her friend Marketa

Tiny , what a wonderful picture of Naomi in the snow.

She looks like a model with her nice dark skin against all that white snow.

Naomi has the same sculpt as does Leon from 2002. Naomi was a special issue from the toyshop that year.

I think Naomi is a bit surprised, so much snow has fallen....

.my feet have disappeared!

But even so, according to Naomi's smile I think she enjoys the snow very much!

Nice and dry

inside is Izumi

with her toy

right behind her.

Here are Izumi on the left and Mila,

they are clearly sisters!

Dry inside?

Well no, here are two snowmen!

Izumi is

65 cm /26 inch

she is from 1997


inside in her

original dress

Oh isn't she looking sweet dear Mila.

and what a beautiful dark brown eyes!

Thank you very much Tiny for showing us these three brown eyed Zwergnase girls.