Collector's pictures

Great Pictures by Marianne

Aymeline 1
Europa with black hair










Underneath great pictures starring Amber-Rose Elodie and Katinka all in blue and accompanied by Gina the cat and a pink piggy, january 2015

Marianne has recreated a doll and here he is....

yes he is now




He was she... was.... Amber-Roos from 2014

Isn't Bram a cute guy now!

With his coat and sweater from cousin Pierre Nicolas

from 2006

Together with

his catty


They sure

like it in the woods!

Bram now meets

his newly dressed

sister Elodie from 2014

and also

little Katinka from 2005

who is also dressed so

tastfull in blue

Both girls feel

very happy

in these modern

blue outfits which are

especially made for them

While they let their little

pink piggy out

It's so nice

being outside...!

This is Amber-Roos

Also dressed in blue

What great face

this girl has...

And dressed like this

she is up for it...


a nice piggy walk

in the woods!

Underneath a nice Christmas scene, with Wotan, Milla, Elodie, Zaezilie, Kurtmartin en Katinka

Recipe for Christmas All Year Long

Take a heap of child-like wonder
That opens up our eyes

To the unexpected gifts in life —
Each day a sweet surprise.

Mix in fond appreciation
For the people whom we know;
Like festive Christmas candles,
Each one has a special glow.

Add some giggles and some laughter,
A dash of Christmas food,
(Amazing how a piece of pie
Improves our attitude!)

Stir it all with human kindness;
Wrap it up in love and peace,
Decorate with optimism, and
Our joy will never cease.

If we use this healthy recipe,
We know we will remember
To be in the Christmas spirit,
Even when it's not December.

(By Joanna Fuchs)





Cosmo: I think you played a super game Sienna!


Sienna: But you coached me very well Cosmo!
Cosmo: Hmm you realy think so?!
Sienna: Yes you did, but pffffff
"my you made me work very hard!"

Cosmo: "yes you are right,

let us rest for a bit Sienna, we have urned it"

Meet brother and sister

Wotan and Milla:




Oh Wotan what a nice cart you have!

Can I have a try too?!


Well I just wanted to take my doggie for a ride...


Oh but can I have a go first.....please.... please???!!!


Well allright then

but just for a minute...


Thanks, I will show you how I can ride myself with this cart,

just watch me!!


OOOOHPS, oh no.... what's that cracking sound??!!


Oh Milla look what you have done !!!

You are much to heavy!



But that's not how it should go Wotan!

Your cart is not a proper one!


You see doggie, I need four wheels for my stunt,

so I am off....


Oh Doggie, what a naughty little sister Milla is!

Now I have to ment it first so you can have that ride after all...


Woof! Yes please!!



Ohhh look Mimmilill!

It's the Tour de France the 100 edition!


Yes you are right Winston!

How exciting, look this cyclist is going

down hill...

He is going so fast...

more then 80 km per hour!!


Winston: yeah... wow.... I want that too!

Can I try too Mimmilill,

can you help me on my bike?!

Here we go,


Yes now you sit on your bike

as you should,


Hold on Winston!

I count to three

Then you can be a real cyclist too!

There you go....


Winston: "YEAH!!"


Mimmilill: If you train every day for one year,

maybe you can take part in the Tour de France Edition 101 next year!

What Royalty Wilem

shows with his

marvelous crown

his orange sash

and royal cloak.

The broach shows

the Lion,

symbol of

the Dutch Monarchy

Therese does look indeed a lot like Maxima


Charming Royal Pair!

On the right at the background are the pictures of

WillemAlexander and Maxima

On the right picture you can

read the National Anthem

of The Netherlands

On the right is Vivianne from 2006

representing Amalia,

the daughter of Willem Alexander and Maxima

she is now the crownprincess

Amalia with her mother

what great pictures so sweet!

superb work Marianne and Tineke!!

And here we can see the security service represented by Arno!!

Doesn't he look "up to the job!"

Here a nice


of the Royal Zwergnase couple:

Wilem 1997

and Therese from 2003




What a great and strong

Zwergnase character

Elly-May is

Just like her dog....

and all colours of her surrounding

are coming back in her dress

all icy colours with all different blues

and the greys

They are such a great winter pair

Elly-May and her dog....

and the full moon.....

Here is

a little winter story

with Evi

and her rescuer: Sjoerd

the bear on ski's

Evi will show Sjoerd

how well she can go

on her new ski's


watch how I move

Then you can go as fast as me....see....




Oh Evi

Let me help you...

Catch my paw

Here you go

back on your feet

eehhhh ski's...


Thanks Sjoerd....

you are my rescuer!

Just out and

allready very popular.....


Zwergnase boy 2013

with an extra winter coat

borrowed from brother Pepe

and a new hat and scarf


Thank you Marianne

for letting us enjoy

this great sulky boy sculpt.


Underneath a poem Marianne wrote:

An angel
everyone will meet someday
a beautiful and sweet angel
who will guid you on your way

An angel
who takes away your pain and sorrow
gives hope for a better tomorrow
brings love into your life
and gives you strength
so that there is nothing you cannot survive

An angel
that brings a smile on your face
sunshine in your heart
and gives a warm feeling to hold on to

For us.... that's what a Zwergnase doll stands for...

Doesn't Wotan look a bit

like his dog here?

Or does the dog look a bit

like Wotan ;-)



at least it doesn't rain!


let's go and play!

What a lovely surprise!

Elly-May from 2003



On the right

Elly-May in her original outfit

Doesn't this outfit bring

this very strong sculpt

to its full potential!!


The colours in the clothing

look great with the black hair of Elly-May


The hat looks great with the

specific form of this great face.

Elly-May looks so fresh

restyled by Marianne.....


I am glad she is still available with Zwergnase!!

Leon and Colette


It's a brand new year
to dream a new dream,
to do all the things you thought
about doing
but didn't






It's a brand new year
to take chances,
make some plans,
and do it all just the way
you want,
just because you want to.....

It's your brand new year
to live it up !!!

Happy new year !
Marianne en Tineke Heuveling


Under the "Typical Dutch" theme

Marianne has made several very sweet and special pictures

of Olger, Helma, Inez and Irene-Helene.

Have a look and see if you can recognize them...


Thank you very much Marianne, for sharing your obviously great talent with this little epic story concerning Zwergnase dolls.




with her hair up


and in a

red coat


Looking at

the baby in a felt nest

of Sylvia Natterer

And liking it!    

What a lovely little lady

can Inez look like!



Inez in Jottum clothing

What a wonderful combination;

light blue and that soft red hair


Inez close-up

It looks like she is looking at something

just like the Spinone dog in the picture...


Sweet smiling





looking very seriously


Nice quartet

with Dietbert and Winnyfred


They like eachother

you just can see

what a subtle picture Marianne!









from 2002

Long (50 cm!)

and thin

great charakter



from 2000










What an









75 cm

lim 100