Collector's pictures

Pictures by Brenda


Lolalu and Lucrezia

Lolalu, Lucrezia and Lillilu



Lucrezia and Lillilu


Maria-Petronella, Lucrezia and Lillilu

Dorothee and Mahela

This is Elsaline outside in the garden. What a lovely shoes she has
Maria-Petronella accompanies Elsalina
What a lovely redheads

Both are 70 cm tall Aloys is playing too


Lillilu comes along
Here is Mariette
She is looking very tough in her denim shirt
Maybe she thinks she is Calamity Jane?

Brenda made some

great pictures

in her wonderful garden,

from Malu.


The greens from nature go so well

with the greens in Malu's blouse,

and that great red hair colour

Zwergnase dolls often have!


Doesn't Malu look life-like

standing with her arms behind her

Her face is charming

from every point of view!

Thanks Brenda

for letting us enjoy

your great Malu