Collector's pictures

Superb and fun pictures by Ruth


or Ahoy!

I am Pepe

I love

to be

near the water

Hmmm this is a nice boat

I could be the captain of this vessel!

Oh Wow

that is a nice

car boat over there!

But then again...

Captain on a real ship

yes, that's what I want to be later

Allready arrived

in the port

This was a super boat trip

All the sandwiches in my red backsack I have eaten!

Boat trips make hungry!




"destination within sight"


Here is Lolalu

Here I have to land


we are almost there now....
just a little further

Here we come....


just a bit to the left



how brave you are!

Hello Zwergnase family!

How nice to be re-united again!

is almost here

"This calls for a springtime celebration" says Flora
She is very good in playing the guitar...
Yes Kicky knows this gay song too

She sings along with Flora's springtime guitar play


What great scenery for the wonderful Tallulah.


Both seem to make eachother even look better.

The combination of the color of the metal and the colors of Tallulah's clothing make it all look very vivid in a natural way.

And again

an exquisite background for Tallulah ,

now with her green hat.


Her Scottisch historic inspired dress

seems to come alive in this fairytale like nature scenery

What great theatrical arty background for our great Zwergnase model Tallulah!

All colors of her clothing are echoed in the background.


Ruth you surely have a great talent for spotting

super scenery's


A little Zwergnase winterstory:

Kicky Lille Jacob Odine and Ann-Therese

are almost ready to go playing outside

Kicky and Lille have to re-dresse for the cold


There is the garden with a little pond.

Wow what great place to be now it is so cold

There is ice on the pond!

Kicky (2002) dares to go on it, but Jacob (1996) is hesitating

Celest (2000) has made a snowball


Kicky and

Lille (2002) are now both on the ice

"Look Jacob it holds!"

But Jacob now on the edge of the ice still doesn't dare to go any further

neither does Hedwig (1997)...

Odine (2001) observes it all with a certain distance dressed in her modern purple-red winter outfit.


Celest (2000) is daydreaming a bit, she likes it being outside with the others in the snow.

Kicky is having the best times of her life standing in the middle of the pond on her comfortable aubern shoes,

"Look Lille we are the only ones daring to go on the ice, how exciting is this!"

Both are having lots of fun and even though it is very cold their warm knitted socks, gloves and caps keep them very warm.