Collector's pictures

Pictures by Jessica

Alida in totally different outfit, makes her almost unregnizable!

But what a lovely new Zwergnase girl we have here.

Jessica makes such lovely outfits at least as nice as her original outfit.

Love the stockings over the shoes!

Stella shows her new stripy knitted dress and matching cap.

Thanks Jessica for making me look all ready for the autumn!


This is Allegra with a lovely handknitted vest and a great dress


Allegra looking very inspired in her colourfull dress combination


This is Stella.

Again a colourfull handknitted vest and a summerdress with very subtle dessin



A sweet colour combination of dress, shirt and stockings. Even the shrub combines very well with the stockings.

This very nice subtle super combination is my absolute favorite. I would even say it makes Stella look even beter than in her original Zwergnase clothing



This is Hansine. A great pastelcoloured vest with short sleeves. Great with the summerdress and the shoes.

This is Lillemor with a nice combination in colours of the vest and the dress.

Here the four ladies, that took part in the show, with each their own combination of vest and dress.