Nicole Marschollek


Overview from the Zwergnase stand Toy fair 2005 Nürnberg
Pictures by Jan Hofmann


Table 2 (see below): Roos with bear, and Marie Cecile with cat in the front
On the right: easter bunny 2005 Primel Limit: 33

Table 2 (see below): Mishou (felt doll, limit 19) Jade, Leen, Hedy, Willemijn, Hanneh, Maite, and the two cats Regina and Ilsi in the front; Centre Bear Zwergnase 2005

Table 3 (see below): Zwergnase Junior Natterer from left to right: Lisa, Serafina, Carolyn, Eloise Timo Mathilda Pamela, Alicia, Alba, and Jeanne

Table 3 other side (see below): Left to right: Alba, Jeanne, Maureen
Junior Dolls Nicole Marschollek: Elsi, Lune, Set with Momo, Lola and Ezzard bear, Lila, Dhana with bonnet, Stine
Natterer: with green vest:Jeannette, hidden Lila, Grace with baby Bibio

Chess-set design by Nicole Marschollek
All pieces made of felt bears (like bear with Rose!)

Nürnberg Toy fair doll 2005

Marie Cecile

Limit: 75