Studio Visit


Summer 2007 I visited Nicole

in her Zwergnase studio

in Schalkau Germany.

Here some picture-impressions

of the place where

many Zwergnase dolls

and bears are born.

Nicole with Nadeschda

the little winterdoll of 2007

with a new face.


Behind Nicole

the 2007 Zwergnase collection

like displayed in Neurenberg.

Here is Nicole with

her husband Bernd

who is the commercial director

of the Zwergnase company

And even though

Liv-Grete does not look pleased,

I sure am glad,

to be standing next to Nicole!


Bettina, the lady on the phone,

is leading us through

the studio and further.


Here the space with the vinyl,

where the dolls are made of,

is stocked in barrels,




The man responsible

for the molds

is explaning what is needed

to be done,

to get a good working mold

In this bath

with a certain chemical solution

the molds, in this case the mold of a leg, are made.

This can take about three weeks

cause a metalic layer has to be formed over the model.

Here the model of a leg gets to start its treatment.

Here an example

of a dollshead mold

The inside is now made of metal.

Now it is fixated in a clamp

so it can be put on the holder

seen in the next picture

In yet another space

this strong man

is preparing the molds,

fixated on the plateau

to be filled with the liquid vinyl

Here the molds are filled with

the vinyl.

The receipt of the Zwergnase dolls vinyl,

is of course kept secret!

This is hot work in summer,

also because after the filling,

the molds will be put in the oven,

standing in this space also.



Here a vinyl doll head is pulled out of the mold while still soft.

This is a very tricky part of the proces cause the pulling must not be to hard or to fast but also not to slow.

It took this man several years to realy master this part of the proces

The oven is visible in the background




The sewingroom.

Here the dolls are put together,

and the clothing,

the bears

and soft parts of the dolls

are made.


In the sewingroom

my daughter Lotte is showing

a special limited to 7

bear with dogg from Nicoles own



In the background the stock of

all the different parts and accessories needed for

the dolls and bear production.

On rolls

all the different

Zwergnase fabrics.

Clearly recognisable are the cloth used for

Tilses Jacket,

Filippa's dress,

and Antoinettes hat.

Here I am admiring

one of my favourit dolls:

the angel with Laurentijn's face.


She is a special limited edition for Japan.


In the entrance-hall

of the Zwergnase building

is the blown-up Neurenberg toyfair picture

of Liv-Grete from 2000 showing.

It seems she is looking at the bears

hanging from the ceiling.

An attractive sight when you enter the buiding!

Here Lotte posing for Liv-Grete

to show how big her picture is.

One of the smallest faces from the entire

Zwergnase family,

here 35 times her own size,

and still she looks so lifelike and real.

It must be the very nice and

detailed sculpting of Nicole,

and the very good quality

of the Zwergnase vinyl.


Here in another displayroom

near the entrance

the toyfair picture from 2001 showing

the delightfull laughingJojanne

peeking from behind the back of Lauritz,

as the background for the Zwergnase dolls

and bears of previous years.


Zwergnase collection

dolls and bears

part 1

Part 2

Nicole has her own name as a special brand

All items are very limited to only seven.

In designing these issues Nicole can take some

more artistic risks, so most

NM products

are of a very high original and experimental level.



Here three NM bear ladies

with hat.

NM bear girl

in trunk

NM bear violist

in trunk

NM Sailor bear

with boat

Some of the latest


juniordolls issues.

Nicole with

Zwergnase 2007

winter issue


Nadeschda is a new Zwergnase face.

She is limited to 75

just visible here are her freckles.

Here Nadeschda

with winterbear issue 2007

Zwisbl lim to 50

He comes with his snowman!